Mumma, wife to a mind reader *yes really*, beach lover, chai latte drinker, women's empowerment advocate, and breathwork coach.

I’ve learnt first-hand that working with the breath can change your life. It can unlock peace and inner happiness, dismantle old beliefs, quieten the overthinking mind, build self-confidence, and experience true freedom. 

But it wasn’t always this way for me. Like so many women, when it came to facing my own issues, I resisted. 

When I started working with my breath, I finally stopped running away from myself.

I took off the perfect practitioner facade and decided to dive headfirst into my life﹘the whole, messy, magical lot of it. I met myself again, started to see myself differently, and realised I was perfect just the way I was. It was an uplifting and exciting time.

Through breathwork, I could finally reach remote parts of myself and live life without hiding who I was. It felt like someone had lifted the weight off my shoulders. I was able to see everything so clearly. It was the reset I needed and the beginning of a new path.

I’d love to guide you on your own journey using the breath to live your fullest and richest life too. 

Nicola x



Breathwork is a powerful practice that can ground, energise, nourish and empower you. It’s profoundly healing and incredibly simple. 

Breathing deeply can dramatically shift the way you feel in your mind and body. It can bring higher states of awareness and a deep reconnection to self. When we stop and breathe, our physical, mental and energetic bodies are given the opportunity to heal. 

The benefits of breathwork

When I sit with a woman in a breath experience, I see the unfolding, reconnection, and opening to a new way of living right at the moment. Breathwork can help you:

Alleviate anxiety, stress & depression
Build immunity 
Reconnect to your inner self 
Release unhelpful behaviour patterns
Shed old stories and emotions 
Feel more energised
Generate a new sense of freedom & inspiration 
Move beyond what you thought was possible
Relax and sleep more deeply 
Detoxify mind and body 
Develop confidence and self-trust

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