Love Your Life Community

Love Your Life Community

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Inside this private group for women, you will become part of a beautiful community. This is the community of women all wanting to understand themselves more, to find a better way to live, changing the way you perceive yourself and the world around you.

This group is based on non- judgement, a place of compassion, love and understanding a safe space to take off the mask and turn up as ‘YOU.’

When we stop and breathe, your mind, body and soul are given the opportunity to realign, to stop the over thinking, relaxing the mind and body so you have a moment to give yourself love and compassion.

• Release anxiety, stress and depression
• Build immunity
• Reconnect to yourself
• Let go of unhelpful patterns of behaviour and old emotions
• Feel more energised
• Generate a new sense of freedom & inspiration
• Release anxiety, stress and depression
• Move beyond what you thought was possible
• Find a new technique to add to your daily yoga, meditations, fitness and other practices
• Gain deeper sleep
• Detox of the mind and body
• Experience deep relaxation
• Feel something deeply magical

What you will receive and the benefits:
- Access To A Private Facebook Group Community
x2 Live guided Mediations
x2 Live Deep Breath Experiences
x1 Master class or Guest Speaker
x1 Monthly theme with exercises to give you guidance and accountability.
x1 Live Q&A - ask me anything
Weekly Journalling Prompts Supported Guidance