[ONLINE]  Deep Dive Breath Session - November 12th

[ONLINE] Deep Dive Breath Session - November 12th

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NEXT EVENT: Sunday 12th November  6PM AEST

Join me for a 60-minute live breathwork session online and experience the inner healing benefits of deep breathing. Explore how deep-focused breathing can dramatically shift the way you feel in your mind and body, bringing a higher state of self-awareness, greater clarity, boosted well-being, and a deep reconnection to your inner self. 

When we stop and breathe, our mind, body and soul are given the opportunity to realign, to stop overthinking, relaxing the mind and body so you have a moment to give yourself the love and compassion you deserve.

Join me for this powerful breath session from the comfort of your own home and gift yourself this magical experience to reconnect and realign yourself.

  • Release anxiety, stress and depression

  • Build immunity

  • Reconnect to yourself

  • Let go of unhelpful patterns of behaviour and old emotions

  • Feel more energised

  • Generate a new sense of freedom & inspiration

  • Move beyond what you thought was possible

  • Find a new technique to add to your daily yoga, meditations, fitness

  • Gain deeper sleep

  • Detox of the mind and body

  • Experience deep relaxation

  • Feel something deeply magical 

This event is not suitable for you if you are experiencing any of the below:

  • Pregnancy ( hold separate events for pregnancy, please contact me)
  • Epilepsy
  • Chronic Heart Condition
  • Heavy medications 
  • Under the influence of drugs / alcohol 
  • Severe Mental Health Conditions

Online Event Duration: 60 Minutes

This live deep-breathing session is held online and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Once you register your details, I will send you more information via email on how to access the live event and what you will need to make the most of this magical experience.

*Tickets are non-refundable, if you are unable to attend the event you can 
catch the replay