The secret to inner strength


Being a mother can often leave you feeling exhausted, depleted, restless, emotionally driven, reactive and alone. Most women heading in childbirth feel scared of labour; it can feel exciting, yet daunting.

Breathing might seem like too simple a solution. But it’s the ticket, the one thing you can use to let go of your fears and allow yourself to feel empowered and mentally strong. 

I run classes and workshops for women in Australia to teach them powerful and effective breathing methods to use not only during labour but beyond into motherhood. 

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Pregnancy Support Sister Circle

Do you know the strength that lies within a circle of women, gathered together?

The time together is extremely therapeutic and nourishing. We get to connect with other women, hear their journey and be heard, feel supported, and importantly laugh or cry without any judgment. It's like a secret sister gathering of wellness and acceptance.   

This circle offers support, guidance, relaxation, guided meditation and to talk about any fears without judgment.

I am looking for mums to be, for this very special gathering here on the Gold Coast, leaving you feeling calm, prepared and powerful throughout your pregnancy. 



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Breathing in Happiness

Feeling tired, stressed and drained? Want an instant way to feel amazing?

I can show you the secret to getting back on track, which is simple but powerful, and doesn't involve crazy fads and gimmicks. 


This experience is different to anything else out there because what I am sharing are techniques that I actually use in my daily life. These are not theories, these are tried and tested methods that I have already shared with other women.

Our breath is an indicator of anxiety, mood and overall state of being. When we know how to work with our breath, we can change so much; we change our mood, learn to cope with pain attacks, ease insomnia, and lower blood pressure.


In this 1.5 hour immersion I take you to your inner world, your gateway through to this place of calm accessed through breathing. The session will open a space for you to bring relief to your mind chatter, or beliefs you are holding onto that no longer serve you. You will leave equipped with techniques you use to regain control when the stresses of life get in the way.

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Women's Breathing Circle

Would you like to reconnect with your inner self in the company of other women?

This wonderful breathing session will make you feel that you have regained some time for yourself, released your body, relaxed your mind and importantly filled your cup.  

In the session, you will be made to feel relaxed and comfortable, and will be guided to release your mind using the breath. You can let go of unwanted baggage and thoughts that are causing any bad habits or anxiety.


After this release you are then guided into a complete relaxation meditation.  It’s a transformative experience that leads you back to YOU. It is a beautiful and powerful experience that I promise you will never forget.



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Couples Connection

Is life so busy that your relationship has taken a back seat? Do you feel that the 'spark' is somehow missing? 

All of us life busy lives, and sometimes this means we can forget to truly take the time to appreciate our loved ones.


In this special couples-only session, you have the opportunity to escape the distractions, turn off, and truly tune in to your relationship. Using the power of the breath, I will help you let go of negative emotions, connect with your loved one and usher positivity into your hearts and lives. 


Breathing as a couple will seriously improve your relationship and your life together. 

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Birthing with Breath

Would you like to feel more confident and certain about your pregnancy and postnatal recovery?

I am going to reveal to you practical tools that you and your birth partner will be able to easily use in the preparation and during the birth. These tools will empower you, giving you both confidence and certainty as you head towards birth and beyond.


The reason that this workshop is different is that I will be giving you practical methods that I have shared with many other women who have used them with great success both for birth and beyond into motherhood.


Breath work supports pregnancy, is easy to use, very effective, and encourages deeper relaxation and connection to your baby. You will be able to soften and relax your body using the breathing, regardless of the type of birth you are having.

With over 20 years of experience working with women preparing for birth and motherhood,  I combine my knowledge into a very unique, practical and easy to use method for coping with fear and anxiety. This method complements any antenatal classes taught in a hospital and private environment such as hypnobirthing, Calmbirth and many more. 

Consciously breathing is a natural pain reliever for your body. Breathing will encourage your muscles to relax so you can progress through the sensations of labour and enter the birthing process with ease.  This method is suitable to guide you through any outcome during your birth.


An amazing life is just a breath away. 


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I support women from pregnancy into motherhood and beyond, holding their hands as they discover themselves in their own journey. I would love to hear from you.

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